Why Your Home Needs Secure Shutters

secure shutters

At Allguard, we know how crucial it is to keep your home safe and secure from all the criminal elements. Allguard’s secure shutters offer great protection to your home and enhance your peace of mind.

Allguard has been helping to protect and secure homes in the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle regions since 1988. For many years, homeowners have been coming to Allguard as a way to safeguard their homes against criminals looking for opportunities to intrude on their premises. 

In the absence of secure shutters, you may not only invite trouble but have to remain on your toes all the time. In 2019, you would think that the crime rate has been controlled by a large extent, however, break and enters are still happening every day in Australia; and Sydney, the Central Coast, and Newcastle are not untouched from this. 

According to some statistics published at Budget Direct, one home burglary was recorded every 3 minutes in Australia in 2017. Another statistic says that 75% of burglars enter a property in Australia in less than five minutes. 

It’s advised that no matter how safe the area is that you reside at, you should still take precautions and maintain the security of your home the best that you can. Your home may be containing cash, jewellery, and other valuables. All these require great protection from theft and criminals.

There are various benefits of using Allguard’s secure shutters, which are given below:

1. Boost Safety of Premises:

There are numerous methods of protecting your home but nothing can beat Allguard’s secure roller shutters. They have emerged as one of the most effective ways of securing your home from various criminal threats. They boost safety and can significantly deter any break-in attempt at your home.

2. Offer Smooth Operation:

You can operate the Allguard roller shutters manufactured by Allguard without any hassle as they offer immense ease of operation. You can open them manually or electrically with the assistance of a motor. When it comes to Allguard’s electric motor shutters, you can operate them through remote control or a panel next to the door. You can decide whether an electric or manual shutter will meet your requirements. Your decision may depend on your budget and personal preferences. However, you can remove both types of shutters out of the way at a fast pace. 

3. Easy to Install:

You open Allguard’s secure roller shutter vertically which means that you won’t have to open them outwards or inwards. Electric shutters do not need any structural assistance. They offer quick installation and enhance safety. Allguard will even offer you an obligation free consultation.

4. Better Security at Economical Price Range:

Roller shutters are manufactured from top-quality galvanized steel and interlocking flat face strips. They have emerged as a reliable way to enhance safety. You do not have to spend a fortune on purchasing them as they are quite economical and long-lasting. Roller shutters are so robust that they can offer great resistance from thieves and intruders. The secure roller shutters can also prove helpful in bringing down your insurance premium, in addition to this, they are cheaper in comparison to other security tools. 

5. Improved Insulation:

You can opt-in for customising your window roller shutters to be uniquely insulated. It is important to note that each individual door lath receives insulation. Insulated roller shutters help in boosting the U-value beyond the insulation values. Insulated secure shutters are also highly suitable for cold storage premises where temperature control is significant.

6. Offer Peace of Mind:

Allguard secure shutters go a long way to keep you stress-free. They give you great peace of mind. The systems play a crucial role in offering paramount security to your home. They can be easily installed and will help in saving you time and money. The best part about installing secure window shutters in your home is that they are achievable in terms of price. 

Bottom Line:

Allguard secure shutters have become an indispensable part of the home. Investing in roller shutters will go a long way in keeping your home safe from the prying eyes of thieves. Thieves pose an immense threat to homes in the Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle in Australia. So, enhancing your home’s safety with Allguard roller shutters is the best way to ensure that your home and valuables are kept secure.

If you would like to learn more about our window roller shutters, please don’t hesitate to leave your details here or phone us on 1300 884 260