Roller Shutters for Security and Style

Keeping Central Coast and Sydney safe since 1988.


Natural Light COntrol


Weather protection

Noise Reduction

Custom Built Domestic roller shutters by Skilled craftsmen

AllGuard custom build and assemble roller shutters to order – assuring you of both the best possible cost and a bespoke, tailored installation. Our roller shutters offer you attractive security, insulation, natural light control, privacy, noise reduction as well as protection from weather events such as storms.

Why Allguard Roller Shutters?

AllGuard Roller Shutters are made to measure and fitted by our expert tradesmen to the outside of your windows or doors.

When you choose our bespoke roller shutter service, we’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and offer expert advice on the best type of shutter for your property. Whether you need shutters for security, insulation or noise reduction, we’ll create shutters that are tailored to your needs.

Peace of mind

To enhance your peace of mind, our AllGuard Roller Shutters can be built with added strength compared to some other roller shutters on the market. They can provide added strength to:

  • The side tracks that secure the roller shutter to your home or business premises
  • The bottom bar of the roller shutter makes it harder to try and lever the shutter open
  • They can also be fitted with a built-in automatic locks that lock the shutter in its fully closed position
  • Control your privacy level by filtering visibility and making it more difficult for people to see into your home

Weather Protection

Protection from heat, cold, noise and severe weather, AllGuard Roller Shutters are fitted with higher-density insulation than some other types of standard shutters which help to:

  • Reduce the penetration of heat, cold and noise giving you more control over the comfort levels in your home
  • Give greater firmness to the shutter curtain, which helps protect your windows from impact damage as a result of severe stormy weather

Control light levels

AllGuard Roller Shutters also enable you to have more control over the light coming into your home so that you can:

  • Turn day into night; perfect for shift workers or your precious young ones trying to sleep in the daytime
  • Create blackout conditions at night time reducing or eliminating disturbance from street lights or other unwanted external light sources
  • Perfect for children’s bedrooms and for letting semi-light in for baby’s room for their daily sleep
  • Help protect your furniture, carpets and curtains from potential fade and sun damage

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