Save on your electricity bill with outdoor roller shutters

outdoor roller shutters

Trembling at the sight of your latest electric bill?
As the weather gradually gets hotter in preparation for Summer, the thought of those electricity bills can be overwhelming. No one looks forward to the hefty bills that come along with extreme weather. What if there was an easier way to avoid dealing with high utility bills? With Outdoor Roller Shutters, we’ve discovered that, with a few changes to your house habits, you could significantly reduce your home electricity usage. We put together a few tips on the best ways to lower your electric bill and save more money.

Install Outdoor Roller Shutters

Usually, windows barely have any effect on reducing energy costs. The gaps in and around the window pane area often allow a loss of temperature which trumps the efforts of air conditioning and heating. Installing outdoor roller shutters which are closely fitted to the window helps close up all the gaps in the windows. Secure shutters regulate the temperature within the home; by sealing your home, roller shutters help keep the harsh weather at bay.

Roller shutters keep the heat out during the summers, keeping your home cool and reducing the air conditioning usage which reduces the cost of electricity. Even if the shutters get warm due to constant sun exposure, the insulated core of the shutter prevents the exterior high temperatures from penetrating. During winter, the shutters keep the cold out by trapping the heat and warmth within. By using roller shutters, homeowners are able to minimise the use of cooling and heating systems to the bare minimum, effectively reducing energy bills.

Remember to switch off all Home Appliances and Devices 

A lot of people inadvertently contribute to the energy costs in their homes without even knowing. Sometimes, a little bit of consciousness can make all the difference in energy saving. Remembering to switch off lights when a room is not in use and ensuring that all home appliances are turned off before going out goes a long way in helping reduce the cost of energy. Understandably during hotter weather, most people prefer to leave the heat on when going out to ensure that they return to a cool house. Installing outdoor roller shutters allows homeowners to conserve the cool without having to spend a fortune on heating bills. 

Replace Your Light Bulbs with Energy-Efficient LEDs

Old halogen and incandescent lights in your home, consume a lot of energy to light your home. LED light bulbs use 75% less energy and can last 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are generally a better option for home lighting. LED bulbs have a greater impact on energy savings than if consumers switched over to halogen lights.

Use Natural Air To Dry Your Clothes.

 If you have room for a clothesline in your yard or in your background, you can let the hot air dry your clothes. Air drying your clothes cuts your energy expenses and gives a natural feel to your laundry. It is also more environmentally friendly as you won’t be heating up your home by running the dryer.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances

Most people rarely pay attention to the specifications of the Home appliances that they purchase. This oversight ultimately ends up with an energy bill that most homeowners cannot explain. For long term conservation of funds and energy, it is important to pay close attention to the specifications of the appliances that you purchase. For home appliances which run constantly like fridges, outdoor roller shutters, heaters and the likes, the importance of purchases that conserve electricity cannot be overemphasized. Energy Star labels are usually a good way to tell if an appliance is a good choice or not. Ultimately the right purchases put a substantial dent in the cost of energy.

It is amazing how far a few good purchases and a change of old habits can go to conserve electricity at home. If you take our word for it, you’re guaranteed to be shocked when you see your next electricity bill. You can enjoy the best temperature without needing to break the bank.

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