How to Look After Your Outdoor Roller Shutters Once Installed

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Outdoor Roller shutters are one of the best home improvement additions that have stood the test of time. The sheer functionality and benefits of these shutters are quite surprising. Modern-day homeowners prefer roller shutters over blinds and drapes due to the fact that secure shutters are cost-effective and a great way to save on energy costs. In this article, we will cover the ways in which you should take care of your roller shutters, once they have been securely installed.

How To Take Care of Outdoor Roller Shutters

Roller shutter systems are installed in window openings and doors as they function as shields from the weather. Outdoor roller shutters also serve as a security measure by protecting homeowners from any would-be intruders, you can read more on that in another article we have written here: Protecting Your Outdoor Roller Shutters

As amazing as these shutters are, it is important that they are given proper care and maintenance to ensure that they last long and maintain their quality. Like every other appliance, piece of furniture or fixture in a home, roller shutters operate maximally when they are properly maintained.

It’s common knowledge that the Summer weather in Australia can become quite extreme, particularly in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. To ensure that your secure roller shutters continue to serve you fully through extreme weather, they need to be properly maintained. If you have a roller shutter system installed in your home or you are planning to install a roller shutter system, here are some tips to help you keep your roller shutters in excellent condition once installed:

Always Keep Your Roller Shutters Clean

Shutters, especially outdoor roller shutters, can become jammed or may not close properly during to excess accumulation of dirt and dust. Shutters should be washed regularly to ensure that they don’t get stuck in place. While cleaning, the shutters should be opened up to receive ventilation, water should be sprayed using a hose, soft sponge and soap water should be used to wipe them after which a clean and dry towel should be used to dry them.

Handle them with Maximum Care

Remember to close your secure shutters gently and securely to avoid mishaps, ensure that they do not slam into the box. Be sure that you take your time when opening or closing the shutters to avoid any form of damage. Ultimately, the way you handle your shutters has a direct connection with how functional they will be.

Regular Polishing 

If scratches or blemishes are found on the paintwork of your shutters, you may polish them using methylated spirits. The spirits help to cover any grime and also removes rust without having any effect on the paint. Polishing your shutters makes them glow and look as good as new.

Grease the Bearings 

This aspect of secure shutter maintenance is often overlooked by people; once the shutters have been installed and are functioning well, it is essential to ensure that your roller shutters are well oiled. Lubricate the rollers, guide rails and bearings to ensure that the rolling mechanism works smoothly. Lubrication is also key to preventing the tools from rusting in order to reduce replacement costs. This should be done at least once a year. 

Balance Check 

From time-to-time, outdoor roller shutters require a balance check. We recommend doing this at least once a month. Hire a professional to carry out the balance check. The inspection ensures that the shutters are operating smoothly. A roller shutter system that is out of balance has high tendencies of collapsing at any time, which can become dangerous.

Avoid Sticky Lubricants

Silicon-based or sticky products should not be used as they attract dirt and dust. Lubricant sprays that are anti-static should be used to enhance fictional balance. Spray lubricant onto plastic clips at the top of each track and also in between the guides. Doing this at least once a year will help keep them in good working condition and make them stand the test of time. 

Avoid the Use of Abrasive Cleansers 

Harsh cleaners such as solvents and bleach should not be applied when cleaning your outdoor roller shutters.  The use of scrubbing brushes, steel scrapers and other harsh objects should be avoided as they tend to scratch and damage their surfaces. 

Following these maintenance tips will ensure that you do not experience any issue with your roller shutters. Outdoor Roller shutters are built to last for years as long as you maintain them properly. Your secure shutters will continue to serve you as effectively as they did on the first day of installation if properly maintained. Booking professional clean and inspect your roller shutters from time to time is a great way to confirm that you’re handling your shutters properly. Cleaning your shutters is ultimately an investment, so get cleaning today!

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