How Secure are Roller Shutters?

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At Allguard, we realise how crucial it is to keep your home safe and secure from various threats. As a homeowner, you always have to be aware of opportunistic criminals and minimise any temptation that they may have. If you have ever had the experience of having your home broken into, you will know that nothing makes you feel more exposed and vulnerable in your own home than knowing strangers have let themselves in. 

The primary motive of Allguard is to remove fear from people’s minds by offering vital security tools like secure window roller shutters in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle. Secure roller shutters go a long way in protecting your home. We’ve been operating since 1988, and we have seen first hand how secure roller shutter installation has proved to be highly reliable in boosting the security of homes. 

Allguard roller shutters don’t just protect your home against opportunistic thieves, they also protect your home against weather conditions. 

Given below are the four major advantages of opting Allguard’s roller shutters for your home: 

  1. Offers Break-in Protection:

    According to some statistics published about home burglary in Australia, nearly 2,25,900 burglaries took place in Australia in the year 2017. Approximately, one burglary took place every three minutes in 2017. This research has highlighted that it takes roughly five minutes for 75 percent burglars to intrude into a property. This data indicates how crucial it is to adopt stringent measures like secure shutters to prevent theft or robbery. Allguard’s roller shutters play a significant role in providing essential security to your home from various intruders. Robbers find it nearly impossible to remove roller shutters as they are closely fitted to the window or main door. Roller shutters have emerged not only a wonderful physical deterrent but also an equally great visual deterrent. Thieves will not be able to see the screws the moment shutter gets in the closed position. Allguard’s secure shutters help in giving you enhanced security from notorious criminals. Once you bring the roller shutters in the closed position, it will become an impossible task for the thieves to open them from the outside.

  2. Secure Shutters Offers Protection from Sun and Harmful UV Rays:

    Allguard’s secure window roller shutters offer immense protection from the scorching sun and UV rays. During the summer months, these shutters won’t allow heat to enter your home, saving you money on expensive energy and air conditioning bills. In winter, they trap the heat inside.
    Allguard designs roller shutters in such a way that they stop 70 percent of the heat that may enter your home. In winters, the secure shutters prevent 60 percent of the heat from escaping your home. So you can use Allguard’s secure shutters to make the most of the sun’s heat in winters. And, you can easily get rid of the unwanted sun rays in summers. 

  3. Offers Protection from Volatile Weather:

    The other major advantage of using Allguard’s secure shutters is that they can protect your doors and windows from the changing weather. During hail storms, you just need to close the shutters. The roller shutters can deflect hail storm, debris or branches that may cause damage to the glass. These roller shutters remain robust when the powerful wind blows around your home. The strong winds don’t rattle the roller shutters. Roller shutters offer a thick wall of insulation that can protect people from bad weather, snowstorm or hail storm. They allow you to enjoy the hot summers of Australia and pleasant weather of winters. Allguard uses top-quality material to manufacture the secure shutters which allow them to withstand winds of 100kmph or beyond.

  4. Offers Protection from High Noise:

    Apart from offering protection from light, robbery, roller shutters from Allguard can bring down the crackling sound as well. Many people experience stress due to unwanted noise and these secure shutters can minimize it. Allguard’s roller shutters can reduce the noise by 50 percent.

Allguard’s roller shutters offer several advantages to people living in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle regions in Australia. If you’re considering roller shutters for your property please do discuss your options with our expert team.

Rest assured that secure window roller shutters will be the best investment that you ever make for your home. If you would like to learn more about our secure window roller shutters, please don’t hesitate to leave your details [here] or phone us on 1300 884 260