Are Plantation Shutters Secure for Your Home?

plantation shutters

Allguard’s mission is to enhance the security of your home. We have been striving hard since we opened our doors in (1988) to deter criminals away from homes through various safety measures. While plantation shutters are a product that we offer our customers, we do not recommend them as a security measure.

At Allguard, we believe that while plantation shutters offer elegant aesthetic benefits to your home, they cannot minimize the possibilities of a home burglary. In order to protect your home, you should look into security roller shutters.

There’s no doubt that roller shutters will increase the protection of your home. According to the 2019 Crime Statistics in Australia, the crime rate in Sydney has decreased by a great extent. The report claims that home burglary and motor vehicle theft are at an all-time low. This highlights our homeowners have become more diligent and precautious in ensuring the security of their property. Secure shutters go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure and ensuring you have peace of mind. 

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are also known as plantation blinds. They are interior shutters containing wide louvers. They have emerged as highly popular shutters all across Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle. The presence of wide louvers gives the shutters a beautiful appearance. Plantation shutters are very effective in dining and bedrooms. You may also extend them to other rooms like dens or kitchens. White colour has emerged as the most preferred choice in plantation shutters. They are available in three types of materials known as composite, vinyl, and wood. The popularity of Allguard’s secure window roller shutters has escalated over the years.  

Plantation shutters are stylish and practical alternatives to regular blinds. However, they are not the best solution to protect your home, or to keep your home safe-guarded from high temperatures in summer.

If you are interested in plantation shutters, and are not concerned with safe guarding your home. We recommend that you get familiar with the type of plantation shutters below. 

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Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are available in three types of materials:

  1. Vinyl Plantation Shutters:

    These plantation shutters have emerged as the least expensive shutters. Vinyl shutters do not include any wood. To boost their stability, these shutters may have PVC or aluminum support. The biggest advantage of vinyl plantation shutters is the cost. They offer resistance from volatile weather conditions. Vinyl plantation shutters are ideal for high moisture locations. They are available in various types known as hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, solid vinyl with aluminum insert, and vinyl-clad wood. If you face any confusion regarding the type of shutters you should select, feel free to get in touch with our team.

  2. Composite Plantation Shutter:

    This plantation shutter is popularly known as fake wood, faux wood, or engineered wood. Composite plantation shutters are manufactured from engineered wood. These shutters are MDF wrapped either in a vinyl or robust PVC coating. They offer significant resistance from changing weather and humidity. These shutters have become one of the best alternatives to wood shutters. They’re practical, stylish and affordable.

  3. Wood Plantation Shutters:

    Many homeowners opt for wood plantation shutters and leave their worries at bay. These shutters have got the maximum strength to weight ratio. The ratio has made them light in weight and still strong. You can also customize these shutters according to your preference. If you have a fondness for a particular color, you can paint or stain them, unlike vinyl or composite plantation shutters. The price of these plantation shutters will not cause a hole in your pocket. They appear elegant and boost the beauty of your abode. The various types of plantation shutters can add a unique style to your home. However, please remember to keep in mind that Allguard does not recommend even wood plantation shutters as a secure shutters alternative.

Why you should also consider secure roller shutters

When you install secure window roller shutters, you are creating a powerful barrier that won’t allow any thief to break-in. Secure shutters not only reduce the temptation for house burglars, but it will make it extremely difficult and near impossible for their attempt to be successful. When thieves attempt a robbery, their main aim is to do it at a fast pace. With the presence of Allguard’s secure shutters, they will not be able to break into your home easily. 

Plantation shutters are stunning alternative to regular blinds, however, in order to offer an additional barrier to your home and have a strong deterrent to thieves, we recommend that you speak to our team about secure roller shutters. The demand for Window roller shutters is also surging fast in Sydney. So, install these secure shutters to protect yourself from robbers.

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